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The Bible in a Binder Project is a work of formatting existing Bible texts that are out of copyright into PDF files that can be printed on most any modern computer printer, using common office paper sizes. Because the Bibles in this project are out of copyright, they can be freely printed, shared, cited and distributed without restriction. The goal of this project is to make Bibles freely available to as many as possible.

In many parts of the world, it is difficult or expensive to purchase or ship printed Bibles. For that reason, the goal of this work is to provide Christians of all standings, even missionaries and Christian ministries worldwide with a free or low-cost means to print and distribute Bibles in situ in full or part as needed. To that end, it is a goal of the project to provide the Scriptures in as many languages as possible.

In addition to the foreign mission field, the Bibles in this project can be a great resource on the home front with such uses as:

  • Pastors, Sunday School teachers, Bible study leaders and others can print portions for their sermons or lesson plans.
  • Churches can print Bible pages on transparency film for use with overhead projectors.
  • Bible students can print Bibles for study and note-taking, by placing pages of notes into these Bibles, as they are in loose-leaf format for placement in standard binders.

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